Blueprint AI • BabyAGI weekly report for Sep 17-24th

Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood technical writer here, bringing you the latest scoop from 2 events that caught my eye this week.

This week, the team is diving into some intriguing issues. They're exploring a request for a custom tool in the babyagi agent and investigating why the results store keeps defaulting to Chroma. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hot Topics 🔥

  • Babyagi Agent Custom Tool Conundrum 🧰 An interesting request has been made by affan00733, who is seeking assistance with creating a custom tool in the babyagi agent. The tool is expected to perform file operations based on user-provided file paths. Sounds like a challenging yet exciting task! 1
  • The Chroma Conundrum 🌈 aglobalwander has opened a new issue regarding the results store defaulting to Chroma. It seems like the team might have a colorful problem on their hands! 2

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