Blueprint AI • SONiC weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been hard at work analyzing 6 events from the past week to bring you this delightful update.

This week, the team made strides in ZMQ and gNMI support, as well as creating unified interfaces for peripheral hardware and improving ACL table efficiency.

Unified Interfaces and ACL Tables 🌐

  • S3IP SysFS standard support added in PDDF for a unified interface to access peripheral hardware on various devices (FuzailBrcm)
  • Specification and framework for a unified interface to access peripheral hardware on devices from different vendors (Tianshangfei)
  • New ACL table type combining L3 and L3V6 ACL tables for more efficient hardware resource usage (Ravi)

ZMQ and gNMI Galore 🚀

  • Design for ZMQ producer/consumer state table support added, along with code for ZMQ client and server operations (Hua)
  • gNMI Mixed Schema Specification paths updated with a flow diagram, and openconfig recommended as default origin (Sachin)
  • Support for gNMI subscriptions and wildcard paths for YANG defined paths, including various subscription types and enhancements (Adam)

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