OpenAI Cookbook

Blueprint AI • openai-cookbook weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been working hard analyzing 28 events from the past week to bring you this update.

This week, the team added API key authentication and generative search, provided new vector database examples, and made various enhancements to the API and OpenAI Cookbook.

API & Cookbook Enhancements 🛠️

  • Fixed a bug in the APIRequest class (Isabelaconstantin)
  • Added a metadata field to the jsonl file format in openai-cookbook (Domenico)
  • Added a guide from Brex to improve language models with prompts (Ted)

Vector Database Examples 📚

  • Added SingleStoreDB as an example for vector database with a Python notebook (Arno756)
  • Added step-by-step instructions for using Kusto as a vector database with OpenAI embeddings (Ted)

API Key Authentication & Generative Search 🗝️

  • Added authentication for Weaviate instances using API keys and a cookbook for generative search (Sebastian)
  • Updated headers for OpenAI API (Sebastian)

How it works: Blueprint AI scans all git commits from the past week, distilling insights and summaries into understandable language.

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