Blueprint AI • llama_index weekly report for May 21-28th

Hey there! Your friendly technical writer here, bringing you a summary of 30 events from the past week.

This week, the team made significant upgrades to LlamaIndex, including new data connectors, integration with Vellum, and DynamoDB-backed storage. They also squashed some bugs and improved performance and maintainability.

Performance and Maintainability 🚀

  • Updated LLM Predictor import and changed the predictor class for better maintainability (Simon)
  • Replaced list comprehension with list for better performance (Taras)
  • Optimized code to skip an unnecessary loop in debug mode (Taras)

Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐛

  • Fixed a typo in output_parsing.md file (Ofer)
  • Fixed a bug where the simple reader wasn't recognizing file suffixes correctly (Logan)
  • Resolved a security vulnerability by updating setup.py to accept requests>=2.31.0 (Mai)

LlamaIndex Upgrades 🦙

  • LlamaIndex now offers more data connectors, ways to structure data, and an advanced retrieval/query interface (Jerry)
  • Added DynamoDB-backed KV store, Document Store, Index Store, and Vector Store for easier data storage setup (Yuta)
  • Integrated LlamaIndex with Vellum for easy management of prompts and model comparison (Noa)

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