Blueprint AI • langchain weekly report for May 21-28th

Hey there, team! I've been busy analyzing 963 events from the past week to bring you this delightful update.

This week, the team tackled Qdrant filter frustrations, AsyncWebsocketConsumer issues, and added support for Cypher query language in Graph Databases. Plus, there's an interesting discussion on Chroma integration challenges.

Cypher Query Capers 🔍

  • A pull request was merged adding support for querying Graph Databases using Cypher query language like Neo4j (Hwchase17)

Cosmic Conversations 🌌

  • An issue was reported with CosmosDBChatMessageHistory where the load message function returns None (F2EVarMan)

Async Adventures 🚀

  • Virattt opened an issue about an async handler not being called when a new token is received from the LLM (Virattt)

Qdrant Queries 🧩

  • A user received help on using filters in Qdrant for specific document searches (YLFxGen)

Hot Topics 🔥

Here's a quick look at topics being discussed:

  • Chroma Conundrum 🎨 Badrul-Goomblepop reported issues with the Chroma integration, specifically self-querying not working as expected and the tutorial seeming almost pointless. The user provided information on related components and expected behavior.

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