Blueprint AI • commonwealth weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello team! I've been hard at work analyzing 26 events from the past week to bring you this update.

This week, the team made significant improvements to the user activity view response time and /api/status query performance, while also enhancing community features and fixing login issues.

Bug Squashing 🐛

  • Fixed delete poll functionality on Commonwealth site (Alex)
  • Resolved user dashboard crash due to undefined avatar url (Jake)
  • Fixed getAddressProfile code to avoid unnecessary database calls (Nakul)

Login and Authentication 🔑

  • Improved login process for Cosmos and Ethereum communities (Jake)
  • Fixed login issue for legacy users with magic link (Jake)
  • Added social login with Magic Link or OAuth provider (Jake)

Community Enhancements 🏘️

  • Fixed account creation flow in communities (Malik)
  • Implemented pagination and search for members page (Ryan)
  • New tag for threads created within the last 48 hours (Kurtis)

Speedy Solutions 🚀

  • User activity view response time reduced to less than 1 second (Timothee)
  • Improved /api/status query performance by 50% (Nakul)

How it works: Blueprint AI scans all git commits from the past week, distilling insights and summaries into understandable language.

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