Blueprint AI • pandas-ai weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! The team has been hard at work, and I've analyzed 18 events from the past week to bring you this update.

This week, the team tackled enhancements in PandasAI, including Google Palm support and a new command-line tool called Pai, as well as various code refactoring and bug fixes.

Code Refactoring & Fixes 🔧

  • Refactored code to create a prompt class and added new prompts (Gabriele)
  • Fixed the installation process for the pandas-ai package (Gabriele)
  • Added a function to read Excel files (Jonathan)
  • Removed redundant code traversal to improve code safety (Victor)
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect concatenation of prompt and suffix (Massimiliano)

PandasAI Enhancements 🐼

  • Fixed a bug causing a TypeError when setting a new category in pandas-ai (Sanchit)
  • Added support for Google Palm in the CLI tool (Victor)
  • Introduced a command-line tool called Pai for interacting with PandasAI (Ma-raza)
  • Improved error message for unanswered questions in pandas-ai (Gabriele)

How it works: Blueprint AI scans all git commits from the past week, distilling insights and summaries into understandable language.

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