Blueprint AI • flipt weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been working hard to summarize 33 events from the past week for you.

This week, the team introduced new DateTime constraint types and UI, enhanced the SDK, and squashed some pesky bugs.

Bug Busters 🐛

  • Fixed a bug with segments and constraints from version 1.22 (George)
  • Resolved an error when retrieving a segment description (George)
  • Ensured filename is provided when running 'flipt import' (Mark)

Feature Finesse 🎛️

  • Added support for namespace in export and import functions, with validation for namespace mismatch (Mark)
  • Introduced new command to validate flipt features.yaml files with customizable output format and exit code (Mark)
  • Enhanced SDK with more precise control over constraints (Mark)

Time Travelers 🕰️

  • Added a new DateTime constraint type and UI for specifying Date and Time values (Mark)
  • Implemented datetime constraint types and description in constraints backend (Mark)
  • Added an optional description field to constraints and a new datetime constraint type (Mark)

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