Blueprint AI • duckdb weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been busy analyzing 101 events from the past week to bring you this insightful update.

This week, the team improved performance and fixed bugs in various code functions, and enhanced the efficiency of the DuckDB optimizer. They also inlined the auto-complete extension into the shell for better performance.

Optimizer Overhaul 🚀

  • Reserved storage for expression costs in the DuckDB optimizer (Mark)
  • Modified code to use a more efficient method for inserting column IDs into a set (Mark)

Code Crusaders 🛡️

  • Improved performance and fixed bugs in various code functions, including data access, serialization, and lambda expression binding (Mark)
  • Enhanced efficiency in managing column ids within index storage code (Taras)
  • Fixed a bug in Windows file system path handling, ensuring correct identification of absolute paths (Mark)

Hot Topics 🔥

Here's a quick look at topics being discussed:

  • Autocomplete Adventure 🎯 The auto-complete extension was inlined into the shell to improve performance, and the feature was renamed from 'sql_auto_complete' to 'autocomplete'.

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