Blueprint AI • cloudquery weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been working hard, analyzing 165 events to bring you a weekly update on the team's progress.

This week, the team released CloudQuery CLI v3.4.0, improved performance in various plugins, and migrated to the Apache Arrow type system for better compatibility.

New Features & Plugin Updates 🌟

  • Neo4j destination now supports a table of supported types and naming convention for AWS resources (Kemal, Bbernays)
  • Added a new table for Gitlab Group Billable Members (Alex, Herman)
  • Google Ads plugin updated to use Apache Arrow type system (Alex)

Performance Boosts & Type System Migration ⚡

  • Kafka plugin upgraded for optimized data reading and table/record handling (Kemal)
  • Snowflake plugin updated for better performance and handling of null values (Yevgeny)
  • Elasticsearch plugin now uses Apache Arrow type system for better performance (Herman)

CloudQuery CLI & Plugins 🚀

  • CloudQuery CLI version 3.4.0 released with a new feature that correctly marks Docker latest (Yevgeny)
  • Okta plugin refactored for improved performance and maintainability (Alex)
  • AWS SDK instantiation process modified for easier management of AWS services (Bbernays)

How it works: Blueprint AI scans all git commits from the past week, distilling insights and summaries into understandable language.

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