Blueprint AI • Agent-LLM weekly report for May 21-28th

Hello there! I've been hard at work analyzing 125 events this week to bring you the latest updates from the team.

This week, the team focused on improving agent settings, enhancing task management, and squashing bugs for a more stable experience.

Bug Fixes and Stability 🐛

  • Fixed an issue with command status not being properly displayed in the Agent Settings page (Josh)
  • Added error handling to prevent crashes and improve stability (Josh)
  • Fixed a type error in file that was causing no commands to be executed (Josh)

Task Management Improvements 📋

  • Fixed a bug where the task prioritization AI was not recognizing empty task names (Josh)
  • Reworked tasks to remove priority agent and added save/load tasks (Josh)
  • Improved task outputs and transitioned to saving task outputs to YAML files (Josh)

Agent Settings Overhaul 🛠️

  • Updated the agent settings page to make it more user-friendly (Josh)
  • Fixed buttons for updating agent settings and added new forms for wiping agent memories and deleting agents (Josh)
  • Cleaned up references and modified agent settings and chains (Josh)

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